Hi, my name is Janie Chen!

I am a private Mandarin teacher here in Yangshuo. I hope you will find my website interesting. I did my best to provide a lot of information.                 Nice to meet you!

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Improve your Mandarin skills!

Intensive/Survival lessons

Are you traveling and would you like to interact more with locals? Or are you motivated to seriously learn Mandarin?
         Come study with me!

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Feedback from Rhonda, 62, Australia : "Patient, competent and experienced teacher" Read detailed feedback

Free introduction on free skype lesson

Get a feel for my personality and way of teaching, before deciding.

Outdoor practice sessions

Shopping in the market, eating with locals... I will help you improve your confidence and skills. Plenty of fun!

Studying in Yangshuo

Survival Chinese

Learn some basic words and expressions or focus on a few precise topics. A few hours or a few days, it's up to you!

Intensive course

Study seriously with a custom-tailored course. Improve your skills day by day even while focusing on the long-term results.

Small groups

Though I normally gives private lessons, weekly group lessons are organized as well and open to all.

Quick facts


  • Lesson cost 3x less that in cities!
  • Very! cheap living in Yangshuo

Faster & better

  • 3-4 lessons / day, 5 days / week
  • customized + book for structuring and long-term self-study

Nicer & intense experience

  • Beautiful, healthy environment
  • Locals, tourists, plenty of practice!

More trust & professionalism

  • 7 years experience teaching
  • Certified by BLCU (best for training language teachers in China!)