Studying Chinese in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is visited by people from around the world and has a very multi-cultural feel. You can study Chinese while visiting some historical relics and scenic attractions, countryside and local people's families. The courses will make your vacation a pleasant, meaningful and unforgettable experience. It is an ideal place to combine study with travel.

The Surival Chinese Course focuses on effective communication. It's specially designed for tourists who might not have a lot of time to study Chinese and wish to quickly grab some useful Chinese expressions for traveling.

The course is fully personalized to suit the needs of the students. You can choose what topics you want to learn and how much time you want to spend on a specific subject. High quality customized teaching materials and methods are used for the lessons. After each lesson, outdoor lessons can be arranged as well, to practice and improve pronunciation, listening and confidence in a real-life setting. Being understood is always the key.

Janie is as flexible as her teaching schedule allows her to be. Since students sometimes meet new friends and occasionally wish to attend activities during lesson hours, this is not without importance.

, 56, Canada - 22 October 2012

As a quick summary, your classes were EXCELLENT!

Rating 5/5 - 2-week Survival Chinese course

Hi Janie

I hope all is well. It is your Canadian student Mike, finally sending you feedback. Sorry, I have been busy since returning home.

Janie, as a quick summary, your classes were EXCELLENT! I really truly enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I am now committed to continuing my learning of Chinese here in Canada.

You have a very professional and thorough approach that is ideally suited to complete beginners such as myself. Chinese speakers here are surprised at the progress I made in just 9 lessons.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to returning to Yangshuo to the Yangshuo Tai Chi school so I can continue my Chinese study with you.

I wish you good luck! I really enjoyed the lessons with you. Please send me your revised course notes.


, 77, Netherlands - 22 July 2011

Abundant pleasure and remarkable results

Rating 5/5 - International - Survival Chinese course

Letter of recommendation. Nijeveen, 荷兰,2011年 7月 22 日

To whom it may concern. This is to certify that Janie Chen (陈婧) taught Chinese in the Netherlands at different levels and to students of different age over a period of three months in 2008 and 2011.

She taught children in the age of 7 to 11 years at primary school "De Wel" in Nijeveen. She did plays and studied Chinese songs as well and showed a gift in handling these foreign kids, who did not speak anything but Dutch. Her way of teaching these young kids was full of enthusiasm, which was awarded with abundant pleasure and remarkable results.

Secondly she taught a group of teenagers at " Scholengemeenschap Stad en Esch" in Meppel. These older kids were also very happy with her. Apart from the Chinese language they studied calligraphy, and the making of dumplings.

Thirdly she taught adults at "Hànyǔ" , a language Collegein Nijeveen. All students there were happy with her teaching, especially with her emphasis on correct pronunciation. They all regretted that she had to go back to China.

It was a pity that we did not succeed to get an official working permit for her. The Dutch government is very strict in this respect. We hope that she will return in not too far future.

Joeri v.d.B.

Feedback from Rhonda, 62, Australia : "Patient, competent and experienced teacher" Read detailed feedback

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Practicing what you study

Trouble finding language partners to practice what you have learned? Let me help!
(find a partner in HK, or let me organise a city trip to Shenzhen or Guangzhou for immersive supervised practice... )

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Business Mandarin

Adapted to your job's specific needs. Possible even for beginners! Specialise your vocabulary.

Intensive course

Study seriously with a custom-tailored course. Improve your skills day by day even while focusing on the long-term results.

Survival Mandarin

Learn some basic words and expressions or focus on a few precise topics. A few hours or a few days, it's up to you!

Small groups

Though I mostly teach 1-on-1, it is of course possible to study with a small group of students.

Quick facts


  • Learn fast by having someone focus most on what is most difficult for you
  • Study at work or near your home to save time and money


  • Single teacher up-to-date with your progression at all times
  • Customized materials + book for structuring self-study and practice


  • Small groups make private lessons even more affordable
  • No extra costs, unlike institutes


  • 7 years experience teaching expats
  • Certified by BLCU (best for training language teachers in China!)