Why people love Yangshuo

Yangshuo lies southeast of Guilin and not far by Chinese standards (one hour and a half by bus). It is known in China as a paradise under heaven, thanks to its limestone karst mountains, beautiful rivers and lush countryside. It is famous with Chinese and foreign tourists alike. Its landscape has been the inspiration and subject for many poets and artists for thousands of years. The local customs and different Ethnic Minorities also make it a very culturally diverse place.

Its idyllic location by the Li River, its many rivers and the amazing mountains and caves made it a popular destination for backpackers since the 1980s as well attracting cyclists and rock climbers. This has led to the town becoming a centre for studying English with over 20 private schools, since it is rare for Chinese people to see so many foreign tourists.

The town has a rich cultural history going back over 1400 years. Cuisine from around the world is available here as well as some local specialties such as beer fish. Though inside the town there are many things to see, most of all the beautiful Li riverside, or West Street (with its cosmopolitan mix of shops, cafes and bars) the surrounding countryside and nearby villages are an important part of what makes this such a wonderful tourist destination.

Also, the climate in the area is subtropical, so the weather is good for most of the year. In the rainy season it can sometimes rain for several days with a break, but most of the time it's just daily rain showers.

Why students love Yangshuo

Ease of living & access

Yangshuo is a beautiful place to stay or live in, but it has other advantages that are especially welcome for Chinese language students. For most students China is very new and mysterious, and maybe they have never visited China before. Though this makes it a wonderful and thrilling adventure, if you're planning on studying for several weeks or more then Yangshuo is much easier to live than other small towns or compared to big cities.

Many Chinese cities, especially those with the more famous language institutions, often are very polluted. With the busy life in bigger cities comes the increased difficulty of keeping up a healthy life style. Yangshuo is completely different. The air is clean, the rivers are clean (except during the rain season, when a lot of garbage seems to come from upstream), and with it is difficult NOT to be healthy with cycling, swimming, climbing and so on being amongst the favorite activities for locals and visitors alike.

The food in Yangshuo will satisfy every stomach! Yangshuo offers very cheap typical Chinese dishes (think noodles, soy milk and steamed buns), as well as local specialties (such as Beer Fish). But for those who long for some Western food, there are plenty of places offering quality Western dishes (hamburgers, French fries, Belgian beer and chocolate, Italian pizza and lasagna, and a whole lot of others).

Making friends is important in any place where you hope to learn the language and enjoy your time. Chinese people in Yangshuo are much more used to foreigners than in other towns and cities in China, and many are more than happy to meet new foreign friends. A lot of them will be happy to help you practice your Chinese in exchange for some help with correcting their English. Others are simply very interested in this unique chance to learn more about the outside world.

The weather in Yangshuo can be very hot in summer (36-37°), and sometimes quite cold in winter (though always above 0°). But it can easily be 20° in February, or a wonderfully cool 25° in summer or autumn. Though many people like to travel around for a month or two in winter, leaving the colder days behind, in the summer the Li river and Yulong river are fully appreciated since there are plenty of spots for cooling off and relaxing in the water.

Last but not least, traveling to and from Yangshuo is really easy and well organized. Buses go straight from Yangshuo's bus station to Guilin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning, Hong Kong, etc. and from Guilin (only one and a half hour bus ride away) trains are available as well to all major cities in the surrounding provinces (and minor cities in Guangxi). In Guilin, their is an airport as well! Locals, expats and hostels/hotels in Yangshuo can offer advice and help for booking tickets and finding the easiest travel routes. It is also especially easy to travel further West, towards Kunming, Dali and Lijiang (what many local expats do as well, during winters).

Why students love Yangshuo


Accomodation in Yangshuo is very affordable. Hostels often have rooms starting from 60-70 yuan, with some dorm beds being as low as 30-40 yuan per night. Of course, this varies depending on the seasons and festival calendar.

If you plan on staying several weeks, it is fairly easy to find a private room for one month (minimum renting period). It is not difficult to find a room that has a private bathroom and air-conditioning (and is clean!). Many have internet as well, otherwise there are plenty of bars and terraces that offer free WiFi all over Yangshuo.

Prices for a private room can be as low as 500 yuan for one month, though in the high season it tends to be 700 or 800 yuan. These rooms are big enough for a single person, but couples might find them too small. It is possible to find bigger rooms; those can be found for 1000-1500 yuan per month. (These are harder to come by, though.)

New rooms constantly become available. One has to be lucky and fast enough to be able to find the bigger or better ones (nicer view, better location...). As soon as you have confirmed a long-term course with me, I will do my best to find a suitable room as soon as possible.

Often, students prefer to visit some rooms themselves before choosing one. You can of course book a hostel or a hotel at first, then visit rooms together with me.

(I don't take any commission whatsoever for this. You will pay directly to the owner of the room. I will introduce you and translate, of course. Please note that prices mentioned do not include energy costs. These generally varie from 50 to 100 yuan.)

Why students love Yangshuo


There are many good sites that describe this in much detail already. At the moment, let's just recommend some of those website then!

Why students love Yangshuo


Since many expats live in Yangshuo, and many long-term tourists stay here as well, it is common for many people to go on so-called Visa-runs to Hong Kong.

Most take a sleeper bus from Yangshuo's bus station, arrive in Shenzhen (Luohu) in the early morning, and arrive in Hong Kong in time to fill in and submit a Visa application. By the afternoon, the new Visa might be ready to be picked up in the agency. (Depending on which country you are from and what kind of Visa you need - tourist, business, or other - there might be one or two days delay in obtaining it.)

One agency that takes care of everything and provide very fast and professional service is the "Forever Bright Trading Company". It is located near the Hung Hom and Tsim Sha Tsui East MTR stations. Information about Visa's, pricing and opening hours can be found on their website : www.fbt-chinavisa.com.hk.

While in Yangshuo, many foreigners (especially the local expats) will be able to help you out. You might also find some friends to go to Hong Kong with.

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